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    Put good keywords, usually nouns, in your resume so that employers searching through a database will find yours.

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    Your resume should be written with the understanding that it's supposed to get you an interview and not the job itself. The interview is for the job.

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    Try to list your achievements instead of your responsibilities in past positions. Simply listing past responsibilities is boring and does not sell.

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    If you have hard numbers and facts related to your past achievements it's good to type them out in your resume.

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    Activities that give you a sense of mastery, such as a good hobby, can help you feel better and return you to a normal psychological state.

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    Take quick, periodic breaks while you work. It helps you process and absorb new information while also making you more efficient.

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    While keeping it within the realm of your actual responsibilities and achievements, word your job titles as if telling a story of your career.

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    Even menial jobs these days require a degree of technical knowledge. If the job you're looking at uses Excel for example, write it in if you know it.

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    If a job posting lists specific requirements and you have the experience, try to match each point in the job posting somewhere in your resume.

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    Calibri is a very good, readable font choice for a resume. It is available for free in the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack on www.microsoft.com

  • 11

    Don't sit with other women the entire night and constantly talk to each other. Men don't want to be rejected in front of a group, so separate out.

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    Don't put generic job titles such as "Accountant" as employers may quickly discard your resume if they're only glancing at your titles.

  • 13

    Strategy is deciding what not to do. Try to prioritize your work based on return on investment.

    Time Saving
  • 14

    Roll up your windows and recirculate the air in your car when you're entering traffic as this will reduce the amount of pollutants getting to you.

  • 15

    If you're really stressed avoid working out. You'll get tired sooner and your workout won't be as effective. Do a morning or light workout instead.

  • 16

    Rent the car you are considering to buy beforehand for a few days to test it out thoroughly.

    Used Car Buying
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    Installing low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators can reduce your water consumption as much as 50%.

  • 18

    Look over your shoulder and smile at him. This clearly communicates interest. Later move to a position nearby him so he can easily approach.

  • 19

    Try to come up with one compliment about the way they look and be friendly when saying it. Note: Usually it's best not to open with a compliment.

  • 20

    Use shorter paragraphs if you want your work read faster. This is especially true for reading online.

  • 21

    Hang out with some friends or a loved one, even if it's just watching television.

  • 22

    Use the Internet to research before you start shopping. Knowledge is power when it comes to buying a car at a fair price.

    Used Car Buying
  • 23

    Don't give into pressure. Walk away from any deal or salesperson you don't like or else you'll risk overpaying.

    Used Car Buying
  • 24

    Research the numbers. Look at the original invoice price for the car, the sticker price, etc. Also calculate your maximum budget.

    Used Car Buying
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  • 25

    Work on multiple web design projects at once with varied requirements, colors, layout, etc in order to expand your perspectives and creativity.

    Web Design
  • 26

    If you're stuck, try to readjust your attitude / approach to your design in order to bring in a different perspective. Analyze what you want to change

    Web Design
  • 27

    Your body language is as important as what you're saying. Try to point your body towards them, have good posture and try to establish touch.

  • 28

    A dot of white shadow or pencil on the inside of the eye near the tear duct will make eyes look brighter.

  • 29

    Look for products containing peroxide. This is the key ingredient used to make your teeth white. It's safe although it can cause temporary sensitivity

    Teeth Whitening
  • 30

    If you have a crown or visible filling it's possible that trying to whiten your teeth will only make the crown/filling look darker so be wary!

    Teeth Whitening
  • 31

    Dental trays and teeth strips that recommend 20 minutes or more per application, with high peroxide levels, are considered the most effective methods.

    Teeth Whitening
  • 32

    Write as if youre writing to a friend or even best friend. Keep things conversational.

  • 33

    Tease the reader with a catchy title or headline so that your work will more likely be read.

  • 34

    A bold opening paragraph or statement catches the reader further.

  • 35

    Respect readers time. Keep things short and to the point when you can.

  • 36

    The cover letter is your first impression. Word it well with specific references to the job and how your skills and experience make a good fit.

    Cover Letter
  • 37

    With strong nouns and verbs you can safely remove extra adverbs and adjectives while maintaining semantics.

  • 38

    When trying to signal rescuers, always try to put out three signals as that is an international distress sign.

  • 39

    In cold weather put whatever you have under you before sleeping. Sleeping directly on the ground will cause you to lose a lot of body heat.

  • 40

    If you fall through the ice or simply get wet - take off your wet clothes and warm yourself with push ups and a fire. Get dry fast!

  • 41

    "Great teachers must develop a special kind of empathy with the plight of the learner who struggles." Robert John Meehan

  • 42

    Create a stock of emergency lesson plans for cases where a substitute teacher will have to fill in for you.

  • 43

    Make homework count. Don't give homework as punishment or just because. There must be good reason for it.

  • 44

    Myth: Most discipline problems happen when kids are moving around in groups. Fact: Most discipline issues happen when kids are sitting around all day!

  • 45

    Don't ignore interruptions to your speech. Acknowledge them with a humorous remark to maintain control and ease tension.

    Public Speaking
  • 46

    Put a bottle of water (or 2) on your pillow before you leave for the bar or a party. That way you don't forget to drink water before going to sleep.

  • 47

    If you're going to compliment him/her try to make it an original one.

  • 48

    When applying eye shadow set shadow with a great base; primer helps makeup last for hours (try Urban Decay's Primer Potion.)

  • 49

    Save dramatic liner and heavy lashes for evening wear; during daylight keep it fresh and modest.

  • 50

    Grab a buddy; youre more likely to stick to a routine and push yourself harder when you workout with a friend.