• The Purity of Running

    Saturday, June 30, 2012 · Share

    Living in Boston it's difficult to find solitude whenever I go for a run. That's why whenever I find myself outside the city and I have the oppurtunity to, I go for a run. I don't bring anything with me when I go, including headphones, so that once I'm out there on the road or path, it's just me and my thoughts.

    Recently I traveled up to Northfield, Vermont to visit some friends and while there I decided to take a longer run than usual along several wooded, unpaved roads. I found myself mid-run thinking deeply about my breathing, posture and pace. Each stride I focused on maintaing the best possible running form I could in order to conserve my energy and finish. It became almost spiritual, as I tried to focus solely on my form, running through the woods with only me and my thoughts, and I loved it. It's not every day that you can push yourself, testing your mind and body, in such a pure fashion. I think that's why I really enjoy running.

    By the time I had finished my run, I was totally spent. The route I had chosen was flat the first half followed by grinding up and downs in Vermont's hilly roads. It felt humbling and I surprised myself simply by finishing the perhaps overly ambitious route. And yet at the same time I felt really good about myself. Funny how such a simple thing like running can do that.