• 10 Top Tailgating Tips

    Thursday, March 29, 2012 · Share

    If you've ever been tailgating before you would know what a fun time it is. It's basically like having a big party in the middle of other big parties. A festive atmosphere clean of life's other distractions like work and school, tailgating makes for a good time to hang out with friends and family while enjoying a sporting or musical event. Those of us who have tailgated before often tend to keep doing it, which says a lot. Here are 10 top tailgating tips to help you make the most of your tailgating events.

    • 1

      Try to do most of the prep work before leaving. Examples include making the burgers and marinating the meat.

    • 2

      Delegate duties to other people tailgating with you.

    • 3

      Put dry ice at the bottom of your cooler to prevent the rest of your ice from melting.

    • 4

      Use frozen bottled water and ice instead of all ice in your cooler. It'll act as ice yet you can also drink it!

    • 5

      Koozies work great in keeping your beer cold. Use a unique color or design to help distinguish your drink from others.

    • 6

      The beanbag game "Cornhole" is really fun when tailgating.

    • 7

      Tailgating in parking lots or in places where you can't see the venue isn't as fun.

    • 8

      Create a playlist for the day of the event to play on your phone and a set of speakers. Pandora also works.

    • 9

      Bring a bit of styrofoam padding for your feet during cold weather events.

    • 10

      If you're new to tailgating walk around the tailgate area before the game and take notes on the good tailgate parties.

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